Church History

Psalm 127:1 “Except the Lord build the house they labor in vain”


Following the illness and passing of Elder William Frison, former Pastor of Mt Olive Church Of God In Christ, the Ministry of Mt Sinai was envisioned by Elder Charles Bland; and under the guidance and assistance of Missionary Helen Frison Mt Sinai Christian Fellowship was founded and established in 1991, as a nondenominational, non-profit corporation.


The name of the church was given to Elder Bland in a vision revealed in Exodus 24:16 “and the glory of the Lord abode upon Mt Sinai and the anointing that was there with Moses also abides in Mt Sinai Christian Fellowship Church Today.

The early church first held services at the Friendly House in Davenport, IA. After much prayer and fasting, Elder Bland decided to conduct services at Progressive Baptist Church for a year and a half.


The membership grew and Mt Sinai endeavored to purchase its own building. By God’s grace and mercy the membership purchased the current building at 4820 N Pine St. Davenport, IA and the parsonage at 4822 N Pine directly behind the church; formerly owned by the Assembly of God Church.


Mt Sinai held their first service in August 1992. The official dedication of Mt Sinai was facilitated by Bishop Darryl Hines of Milwaukee, WI on May 15, 1993.


The original church building on 4820 N.Pine has had two major renovations since its purchase in 1991. The original sanctuary was equipped with theater seats. The first major renovation was the enlargement and expansion of the sanctuary.

In 1995 Mt Sinai Christian Fellowship Church re-affiliated with the body of the Church Of God In Christ under the leadership of Bishop Samuel McCarthy of 5th Illinois Jurisdiction. The church’s official name was changed to Mt Sinai Christian Fellowship Church Of God In Christ. Bishop J. E. Washington of 5th Illinois West Jurisdiction is presently the Jurisdictional Prelate.


Bishop J. E. Washington served as interim Pastor approximately fifteen months until the installation of Elder Frank R. Livingston as Pastor on August 27, 2006.


 As of August 2014, Mt Sinai’s new worship center is located at 4706 Northwest Blvd, Davenport, Iowa.


 Mt Sinai is blessed to have had many generations of praying ancestors. We have many new vines from our great roots. God is our Alpha and Omega. He was with us in the beginning with our less than a dozen families to over hundreds of families and our end will be greater as long as we stay rooted and grounded in God. He is our Way Maker and our Hope for Eternal Life.


Mt Sinai is now reaping the benefits of the seeds of God’s Promise, perpetuated by our ancestors. This is apparent in the characteristics shared by all these great families; hardworking people with strong morals, high ethics and of good character, successfully contributing members of society, business owners, scholars, community leaders, homemakers, church officials, and servants of the Lord!


Mt Sinai is a loving, supportive, compassionate and responsible church family. The prayers of our ancestors and the promises of God are being manifested in our lives! We are not lucky. We are blessed. We must continue to strive to fulfill the will of God through examples of prayer, support and service; instilling the values of God passed down from our parents and grandparents into the lives of our children. Our children and our children’s children are an inheritance from the Lord.


We, the family of God, are the extension of the foundation of the church. Therefore, we are charged with the duty of passing on the rich heritage of The Kingdom of God.


Mt Sinai is pressing and moving forward to the high call of God in Christ Jesus. Mt Sinai a church that is established on the foundation of The Word of God, that preaches the  Gospel, that teaches biblical doctrine, that worships the Lord in the beauty of holiness. striving to live a godly lifestyle, and obeying the leading of the Holy Spirit. 


Mt Sinai is a church where the Holy Spirit has both the freedom to move and the liberty to work. The Holy Spirit is an absolute must if our singing is to glorify God, if our praying is to be heard, if our preaching is to honor God, if our teaching is to magnify God, if our giving is to please God, if our worship is to exalt God, and if our testimonies are to praise God.


We are thankful for our past leaders and our present leader Frank R. Livingston, a man after God’s own heart. Pastor Livingston is on the Kings Highway. His ministry includes Evangelism, Outreach, Missions, Youth Ministries, Workshops, Symposiums, Preaching and Teaching God’s Word.


Teaching and Preaching with:

  •   Purpose like a Herald

  •   Dignity like an Ambassador

  •   Care like a Pastor

  •   Power like a Prophet

The Message of The Gospel will put LOVE in your heart, COMPASSION in your eyes, GENTLENESS in your hands, KINDNESS in your voice, MEEKNESS in your attitude, POWER in your testimony and it will put LIFE, ETERNAL LIFE in your soul. And who could ask for more than this!