Pastor Livingston

pastor livingston



Elder Frank Riley Livingston came to Mount Sinai Christian Fellowship Church of God In Christ in 2006 from Rockford, IL. He is married to the lovely Lady Teketa Livingston and they have been joined in marriage for more than 36 years! They have four children: Luenthia, Frankie, Cakishshanic and Riley.

Pastor Livingston is a loving, caring and compassionate leader and man of God. He is passionate about empowering the people of God through Bible study/teaching, and by preaching the Word of God. His sermons are direct, no-nonsense, Bible-based truths that stir the soul to conviction and repentance.

Pastor Livingston is personable, kind and has quite a sense of humor — attributes which make him very approachable. He is not only concerned for the saints at Mt. Sinai, but actively seeks to evangelize and promote the Kingdom of God in the local community, as well as preaching and teaching at various revivals, crusades and special functions around the country. He recently was appointed Special Assistant to the Church Of God In Christ International Department of Evangelism President, Bishop Elijah Hankerson III. In addition, he is President of the 5th Illinois Jurisdiction West, Department of Evangelism for the Church of God In Christ.

Not only does Pastor Livingston have a passion for the Word of God, but he also loves music. He is Founder/CEO of Way of Life Records, and has written, produced and recorded numerous songs and videos.

You will want to come out to visit Mt. Sinai Christian Fellowship and meet Pastor Frank Riley Livingston. He would love to meet YOU!