Pastor’s Vision

God being the Chief Shepherd and I the Pastor serving as the Under Shepherd, my purpose is to execute the will of God for the whole person and for all people. This shall be pursued primarily through spiritual development; but also through educational development, economic development, physical development and social development. Our challenge is to make a difference in the lives of the members and positively affect not only the community, of which our Church serves, but also the city, state, nation and the whole world. For it is through the totality of the whole person that we will truly see the building of God’s Kingdom flourish.

It becomes necessary to always be: 

Challenging – Changing – Equipping – Empowering and Inspiring.

To this end, with the Bible as our guide, the activities of the church will be designed to foster  (2) To assist membership in developing a Godly Lifestyle which is committed to prayer, fasting, thanksgiving and Bible Study and (3) To encourage the believer  participate in Outreach    Ministries and Community Development. The ministries of the Church will emphasize reaching and nurturing children, youth as well as adults.

To accomplish the above goals, all programs and activities will be reviewed and organized, where needed, in order to facilitate or foster the biblically inspired vision. Finally, all of our programs/activities must exalt God, for He is honored when His own revealed purposes are adopted and pursued.